Thursday, 19 January 2012


In myths - as well as in my other stories and movies - archetypes play an important role. Personally, I find archetypes a very fascinating topic, in particular since it seems that most of us - either consciously or subconsciously - use certain archetypes as role models.

If you are interested in what kinds of archetypes there are, here some links that give great overviews:,%20Myths%20and%20Characters.htm

If you have time, try out the following:

1) watch your favorite movie and see if you recognize any archetypes in it
2) read some stories or myths and try to find the archetypes in them
3) select the archetypes that you think describe your own personality best
4) watch some strangers when you are on the bus or sky train next and guess which archetype(s) they follow
5) pick the 3 to 12 archetypes that you like best and write a story with these archetypes as its main characters

Please post any interesting observations or stories in the comment section!

Thank you - and enjoy playing with those archetypes!


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